Service Department

Shrink Wrap

Why let your investment sit and get dirty all winter? For $345 (most boats under 21 feet) you can have your garage stall back and a clean boat in the spring. What is keeping your car inside and not having to scrape a windshield worth? How about opening up your boat and having as clean as when you put it away? Combine this with a Detail and you are ready for next summer! Need to protect your investment while you move? Have something valuable to protect while it is stored for a long period of time? We can shrink wrap virtually anything.

Boat Detailing

Have your boat fully cleaned and polished by the pros at Montana Boat Center. We can make you boat look like new inside an out for only $299 (most boats 20 feet and under). Why not protect the investment you have already made in your boat? The useful life of your boat can be extended several years with a little extra effort. Cleaning dirt out of seats and carpet will extend their life and we use only the chemicals approved by the boat builder. It is so nice to go boating in a clean boat. We start at the waterline and go up and over and through the inside. Sorry this doesn’t include a bottom clean, see below for that. Make your appointment today!

Bottom Cleaning

Bottom cleaning…the most hated task of boat ownership. If you leave your boat in the water all summer then you know how bad it can be. We will lift your boat from the trailer and remove all algae from you boat hull and most from the outdrive unit. Our special cleaners even remove the “scum” line right at the waters surface. Our ability to lift the boat in the air means we get the whole bottom, even the places where the trailer is in the way. Our results are fantastic. Our special on bottom cleaning is $349 for most boats under 20 feet. If your boat hasn’t been done for a few seasons the cost will vary. Bottom cleaning is an annual job! Make your appointment today


Inboard – A little investment now can go a long way towards easier boating next spring. Our special covers over 40 points of inspection and your boat is ready to use in the spring. We remove the drive and service the u-joints, change the engine and outdrive oils. We blow out all water lines and the block and put RV antifreeze in the raw water pump. We do all this for only $299.95 (Most boats). Call for an appointment today!

Outboard – Invest now so you can play later! This service can be done while you wait and is very affordable. If you neglect this and have water in your lower unit you could crack your lower unit and cost you thousands. This service is only $109.95 (for 2 stroke engines). Call us now for an appointment and let us take care of your baby!